Bespoke Training

Are you looking for a particular training element that is not available?

Ordosafe Consultants brings forward the bespoke training services in UAE, you can now receive customized training covering all the domains of occupational health and safety training under one roof. Our pre-designed courses are capable to meet what your company seeks. We will work with you in order to devise a plan that specifically is tailored for you. Under our bespoke training programs, our customer is our navigator and we have a team that is determined to comply. Together we come up with the best site for the delivery of course; it can be both on or off site. We set up the timings in accordance with the company’s work hours while keeping the workload in mind.

Our bespoke training programs stand out in an eccentrically unique way, they originate from our existing training programs, but undergo rigorous modification and optimization under the surveillance of our client to meet the needs of the target audience in the best possible way. The first step and the most pivotal step is investigating the need, and we do that with our client to ensure quality service delivery.

Why to Attain Occupational Health and Safety Training?

The soon companies learn that employees are their most valuable asset the better it is for them. Investing in the most valuable asset always bears extraordinary results. The training courses are required by the company as a whole to achieve the business goal in an efficient manner. Training instills a sense of compliance to the legal and moral obligations in the staff and they stay within the set boundaries of codes of conduct. This not only spruces up the rating and auditing results, but also keeps a healthy and safe work environment. Our courses are a key to retain your most valuable staff and maximize the productivity of your business.

Occupational health and safety training may be too opulent for some business startups to afford, but the consequences of not taking any action in this regard can be unfortunate. Our courses serve as a way where employees learn additional skills which complement their inherent skills and augments the quality of work practices. All this, when seen in a bigger picture, enriches your business model and bloats your company’s results. Jolt the wall of your company and introduce them with the best training courses in Dubai.

Here is a list of occupational training and safety programs which can be customized upon your demand. Our scope does not end here, bespoke training gives you the liberty of coming up with your own training courses also.

Basic Occupational Hygiene Training

This training course is designed to cover all the aspects of personal and occupational hygiene. The whole module is designed in compliance with the normal workspace code of conduct practices. The course not only serves as a way of augmentation of the individual’s hygiene practices in a workspace, but also influence him/her to a personal level. Spick and span staff and tidy workspaces are what every organisation craves for and we are directly dispatching this dream.

First Aid Training

Mishaps, accidents and such unfortunate events are ubiquitous and there is no purging them. All we can do is prepare for them. This first aid training course is equally important for all; the CEO or a minor level employee in the warehouse. All the staff should be dully skilled for any encounter with the misfortune.

Workspace Stress Management Training

Stress is something that can drain all the enduring efforts and yet it is omnipresent. There are innumerable times when the employed have to deal with stressful situations which bring them down and even starts affecting the results. Our course makes your staff qualified stress countering beings.

Confined Space Entry Training

This course is specifically targeted for the employees who work in the confined spaces such as silos, manholes, pits furnaces etc. No matter how experienced the staff is these spaces are hazardous and should not be occupied after the work is done. The course enlightens the staff about the potential risks these places present and their effective countering strategies.

Materials Handling Safety Training

The occupational material poses a lot of risks and training of personnel in this regard has dire importance. Our course covers all the aspects of safe material handling, how a number of injuries while dealing with the hazardous material can be minimized and how the health measures can be practiced effectively under such circumstances.

Manual Handling Safety training

Manual handling is responsible of causing workplace injuries. They are directed to muscle and skeletal injuries caused by careless handling of occupational equipment’s. Our course offers proper understanding of the manual handling risk in workplaces and the mechanism by they can be countered. It also covers all the aspects by which the side-effects of these injuries can be alleviated.  Sensible health and safety measure are taught which help in effective risk assessment and avoidance from such injuries.

Scaffold Safety Training

It has been estimated that 78% of laborer fall prey to scaffold accidents. Keeping the workers away from the potential fatal situations should have top priority. Ordosafe teaches all the measures that should be taken in designing accident proof scaffolds. Fall protection and inspection is also thoroughly discussed.

Fire Warden Safety Training Course

Fire warden safety training course is an advanced training course formulated for the fire wardens only. It covers all the areas from safe evacuation of the space to first aid measures for burn victims.

Fire Safety Training in UAE

Ordosafe has for it’s client one of the best training courses in Dubai. UAE is a place where buildings are ubiquitous and the inhabitants of this country have to deal with the unfortunate fire related accident most often. There is an utmost need of training of all the staff. Our course covers all the basic and advanced training along with the inclusion of fire evacuation drills and practical exams.

Electrical Safety Training Course

Electrical injuries are the biggest stigma associated with the industries. We keep on listening to the mishaps and fatalities electricity causes. Our courses signify the potential electrical risks that are encountered and how they can be identified, controlled and avoided.

Risk Assessment Training

This course instills a behavioral trait in your employees. Risk assessment is an art everybody should learn. The staff should be fully able to assess fully the pros and cons of confrontation with any potential risk posing situation.

Some other courses include:

  • Safe Lifting Training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Hazardous Material Safety Training
  • Heavy equipment safety training
  • Safe Chemical Handling
  • Fire Training
  • Hazard Recognition Training
  • Noise exposure safety training
  • Respiratory Protection Safety course
  • Workspace evacuation Training
  • Welding and cutting Training
  • Training for Trainer


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