The observation went smoothly, as both Steven and his companion (I forgot his name) are professional in their approach. I mean, they explained to me about the procedures of the observation and why it was necessary. And that it was necessary in the sense that the quality of the consultation services that Ordosafe Consultants provides and represents in behalf of SVT must be maintained. They made me feel at ease with their approachable demeanor. And I did learn a lot from them. The good thing with them guys is they also share their own knowledge and experiences gained from their own workplaces. In short it was not merely a question and answer portion, with them doing the questioning but I too got the opportunity to ask them. All in all, our interaction was excellent.

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It was fantastic observation session we felt free when approaching the auditors question which asked by the auditors realistic.
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The observation session was fantastic and the observer was enough competent for the observation and conversation approach was also so professional and I enjoy the observation session.

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At the outset many thanks to Ordosafe Consultants for conducting an observation as a part of our Diploma in OHS.

We were well informed and in proper coordination with Steven Platts about the observation dates and timing which was very useful in carrying out the process.

The interaction and questions that was asked in the process was properly structured. The assessors were patient in listening our answers and were very professional in examining the documents as well. I liked the way they went into details for few answers which may require further details.

Few examples given below:

  •  Training requirements that are identified as per contractual requirement as well as the training needs as per any dynamic reviews of risk at workplace etc.
  •  The overall audit process being carried out how observations are noted , how it is discussed etc.

The questions asked were very clear and precise to the point without any ambiguity. The assessors had come prepared with a questionnaire this is a clear evidence on their effective time management which also enabled a fruitful discussion.

I can say the overall process was excellent and keep up the good work

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When can I start the AN Ordosafe Course?

You can start anytime that suits you. We offer open enrollments.

What support will I get with my Ordosafe course?

You will be assigned one assessor/Tutor of our associates throughout the duration of the course so you know who to deal with and build that important rapport. There is no limit to the support you can ask for. This is available via phone, email and Skype. You will also be able to contact a course adviser and use our Website chat facility.

Where are NVQ qualifications recognised?

City and Guilds are internationally recognised as an institution. They are heavily recognised in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia. NEBOSH is internationally recognised.

How long does it take to gain a NVQ Qualification?

Most candidates complete the award in 9 – 12 months, some in as little as 3 months depending on what time you have available and what evidence you may already have.