Course and membership benefits

IOSH is the organisation of choice for people involved in occupational safety and health. Joining any organisation is a major decision, and the only way to judge the value of membership is by what it can do for you. So ask yourself…


  • Does IOSH have aims and values that I share?
  • Would becoming a member enhance my opportunities?
  • If I became a member, would this help me achieve my goals?
  • Would I find all the benefits and services useful?

Regardless of what made you consider becoming a member of IOSH, we urge you to join our vibrant, forward-thinking community and share in all that’s to be gained from being part of a world-leading organisation. At just £155 for the first year – that’s less than £3.00 a week – membership represents excellent value for money.

  • All course materials.
  • Start course at a time that suit you and your own pace.
  • Registration and certification costs are included.
  • Uncapped assessor support.
  • One to one guidance and support through email, telephone and Skype.
  • Free classroom based workshops.
  • Resource access.
  • Copy of your e-portfolio.
  • Price guarantee.
  • IPD and CPD assistance to Chartered IOSH Membership.
  • Mentoring by CMIOSH available.


ILM Professional membership helps you get the best results from your career.

When you join, you become part of a world-renowned body of more than 25,000 professional managers and leaders. We provide a broad range of services to help you improve your skills and further your career – from access to the latest reports and learning materials, to networking opportunities through events and our extensive online community.

As a member, you also get your qualifications and status as a manager recognized. This includes the right to use prestigious post-nominal letters that demonstrate your professional experience.

Eligibility and membership grades

The grades of membership are designed to reflect where you are on your career journey – from starting as a new or aspiring manager, right through to becoming a senior leader.

You can join at one of four ascending levels – Affiliate, Associate, Member, or Fellow – based on your experience and qualifications. As your career progresses, you can also upgrade your membership to reflect your achievements.

Affiliate membership (AInstLM), for new and aspiring managers

As an Affiliate member, you can use the post-nominal letters ‘AInstLM’. We’ll offer you this grade when you join if you have:

  • fewer than three years’ management experience, or
  • a development plan as an aspiring manager, or
  • a management-related qualification at Level 2, or
  • 10 days’ continuing professional development (CPD) in the last three years

Associate membership (AMInstLM), for experienced managers

Associate members use the post-nominal letters ‘AMInstLM’. You can join at this level if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • at least five years’ management experience, or
  • a management-related qualification at Level 3 or above, or
  • at least 20 days’ CPD within the last five years

Member (MInstLM) status, for established managers

This is the ILM’s most popular membership grade. Members use the post-nominal letters ‘MInstLM’. To join at this level, you’ll need:

  • at least five years’ management experience, and
  • a management-related qualification at level three or above, or
  • at least 20 days’ CPD within the last five years

Studying membership is also available free of charge to anyone studying towards an ILM qualification.

ILM Fellowship (FInstILM) status, for senior managers

Our highly experienced senior managers use the post-nominal letters FInstILM. You can join at this level if you have a combination of:

  • at least seven years’ management experience, including five years as a senior manager and
  • either a management-related qualification at Level 5 or above, or
  • at least 35 days’ CPD within the last seven years

How to join

If you have the relevant experience or qualifications, becoming an ILM Professional member is easy. Completing our online form takes just a few minutes, and we’ll offer you the appropriate grade of membership based on your answers.

Membership fees

When you complete the form, you’ll need to pay a fee to access the exclusive benefits that come with membership. The fee for Affiliate, Associate and Member grades of Professional membership is the same:

  • £127 when you initially join
  • £102 for your annual renewal

Please see for details.


Chartedered Members Institute

More and more managers like you are turning to CMI for no-nonsense support that will help you make better, faster, smarter decisions. As a member of CMI, you will benefit from a comprehensive range of products and services. Membership pays for itself many times over, not only in monetary terms but also in the incalculable effect it has in helping you develop into a better performing manager, capable of making a greater impact within your organisation.

CMI is also the only place where you can attain Chartered Manager status – the ultimate managerial accolade. Research shows that Chartered Managers are worth over £362,000* in financial returns to their employers. Imagine how much that will enhance your employ-ability and earnings potential.

Cost £60 for the first year.