Ordosafe Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

General Browsing

It is Ordosafe privacy policy that Ordosafe Consultants draw navigational information about the activity of visitors onsite. This includes gathering about where the visitors surfed; in order to know about the technical efficiencies of the Website, such as the time to connect to a page or download it. The purpose of gathering this information is to identify the common insights, improve the service and know better about the picks of visitors.

Retrieving such information about the visitor’s activities, it also enables us to advance our Website features, preferred areas and services. In this process, the visitors’ non-personal information (such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address, domain type and browser version) are all recorded so as to maintain the statistical approach of the Website.

Payment Information

Any credit/debit card information would NOT be accessible for a third-party and will be kept secure; bar-coded to the specific user only.

Use of Cookies and Other Technology

Ordosafe Consultants uses a browser feature known as a cookie, which assigns a unique identification to your computer. Cookies are typically stored on your computer’s hard drive and are used by Ordosafe Consultants to help track clicks and pass information as you go through the pages within the Ordosafe Consultants Web site. We may also use a cookie and/or a technology known as clear gifs which are typically stored in e-mails to help us confirm your receipt of, and response to, our e-mails and provide you a more personalized experience.

How do we use the information that we collect?

When you contact us, you will be directed to the Ordosafe Consultants e-mail marketing list. Through this, you will receive exclusive information about our special offers, media events and new products. If you later decide not to be updated with our proceedings or you are bugged by our feed, email us at info@ordosafe.com, and you will be removed from the mailing list.

Your information and e-mail is kept confidential and is not administered to a third-party until Ordosafe Consultants decide to share it to its sister companies. Third-parties who manage the emails in our absence are also credible and conclusive. However, if you still feel unsafe or decide not to be in our forum, you can always email us and follow the removal instructions.


Visitors must be aware that few of their non-personal information might be disclosed by Ordosafe Consultants. This is supported by law and its authenticity can be trusted; extended to its regular users as well as the new ones.

Third parties are only allotted to access the information about you, provided that they use it for monitoring the site activities, processing orders, conducting surveys, maintaining our database or administering emails. Again, all the shared information with the external servers will be kept safe.

International Visitors

If you are a visitor of Ordosafe Consultants and visiting from outside of the U.K., you will be directed to the USA database. The information you receive will all be through the servers located in USA. Our web servers and internal systems are directly linked with servers in USA, which means the server can be trusted.

Updating Personal Information

If you wish to alter your name, email address or any personal information provided to us earlier, you can do that by leaving an email to info@ordosafe.com.


The external links such as the advertising agents and audience segment providers are not included in our privacy policy. They purpose to render you the advertisements you would like to see at your screens. In order to tailor your pick, you are tracked in the website or outside it, so as to know about the segments of your interest. To add to the relevance, cookies, web beacons and other technologies are used so that you are not bothered by irrelevant ads.

Questions / Changes in Policy

In order to question about any privacy policy concern, visitors are requested to email us at info@ordosafe.com.

Modifications are also done in all of our privacy sections, which are tailored to fit the needs, requirements and finest customer approaches. This is done very often; as soon as the need to do so is felt. The standards are met according to all visitors’ concern, and their advice is always considered worthy.