hse consultant

R Bharadwaj_____________________

At the outset many thanks to Ordosafe Consultants for conducting an observation as a part of our Diploma in OHS.

We were well informed and in proper coordination with Steven Platts about the observation dates and timing which was very useful in carrying out the process.

The interaction and questions that was asked in the process was properly structured. The assessors were patient in listening our answers and were very professional in examining the documents as well. I liked the way they went into details for few answers which may require further details.

Few examples given below:

  •  Training requirements that are identified as per contractual requirement as well as the training needs as per any dynamic reviews of risk at workplace etc.
  •  The overall audit process being carried out how observations are noted , how it is discussed etc.

The questions asked were very clear and precise to the point without any ambiguity. The assessors had come prepared with a questionnaire this is a clear evidence on their effective time management which also enabled a fruitful discussion.

I can say the overall process was excellent and keep up the good work